Total Debt of India (external and internal) as on March 2013

September 17, 2013

If you think that total debt on Indian Government is too much, it is not true. Here is the figure-

External Debt (debt taken from other country)-

Indian Government is having total external debt as of March 2013 is US$ 390.0 billion ( approx 24.6 Lakh Crore Indian Rupees). In the previous year (march 2012) total external debt was US$345.5 billion (approx 21.7 Lakh Crore Indian Rupees). Total increase in external debt in one year is around US$44.5 billion (approx 2.9 Lakh Crore Indian Rupees.( here assumption is 1$= approx 63 rupees. ). Source of data is here . However India is currently having foreign exchange reserve of around 74.9% of total external debt (approx 18 Lakh Crore rupees) (Source). With this foreign exchange reserve, India is capable to pay around 74.9 % of debt any time.

India is currently in 26th position in external debt list. 1st  in the list is  USA — $ 16,737 billion , 2nd is UK- $ 9,836 billion (Source)

Internals Debt (debt taken from Indian source)

Indian Government is having total internal  debt is around 31.4 Lakh Crore Indian Rupees (US$ 514.0 billion ) (Source)

Total Debt of India (public debt on Indian Government)

It is the addition of External debt and internal debt, which comes as $ 904 billion  (approx 56 Lakh Crore Indian Rupees). This this equvalalent to debt of 45,927 Rs on each Indian people. US is having $ 17,221billion  total debt.

From above analysis you can see that Total debt on India is not too much if you compare with other country. The total debt in India is 48.96 % of  current GDP.

(Above data are not taken as 100% sure).

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