The stock which may be double in one year

December 24, 2008

The  Stock Market of India has saw the worst scenario in their life. In only one year Sensex and Nifty became down more then half  from its top point. Investor loosed the hope from share market for earn. But the players of stock earned continue in the bearish market. Most of top stock of NSE and BSE came down to earth.
But here is no need to worry. The stock market of India has seen the bottom line of market. The 2200 point for NSE and 7500 for Sensex is the bottom line of Indian Stock market. If any long time investor buy some good stock here for long time investment then it would be double in one year 2009. Here are list of some good stock name which investor would buy for long time investor which may double in price in one year.
ICICI Bank – Rs. 430 on 24.12.2008
JP Associate – Rs. 75 on 24.12.2008
Idea Cellular – Rs. 50 on 24.12.2008
Punj Lloyd Ltd. – Rs. 153 on 24.12.2008
Gujarat NRE Coke Ltd. – Rs. 25 on 24.12.2008
IFCI Ltd. – Rs. 21 on 24.12.2008
Television Eighteen India Ltd. – Rs. 82 on 24.12.2008
Polaris Software – Rs. 40 on 24.12.2008
Sun TV Network Ltd – Rs. 162 on 24.12.2008
Reliance Power Ltd – Rs. 122 on 24.12.2008
These stock’s price would be double in 2009 from today.

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