Suzlon Energy stock buy or sell Guide

August 27, 2009

As of now Suzlon Energy stock price is in lower side. The price of Suzlon stock fell drastically after it declared  heavy loss. Suzlon energy is making heavy loss instead of making profit. Wind turbine made by Suzlon was not of good quality, Suzlon energy is replacing all broken turbine.

Reputation of Suzlon energy is at lowest lavel now because of all these news.

Lowest price of suzlon in these days are aroud Rs 80. Two year ago its price was around Rs 450.

With all bad news at same time, the stock price now is at bottom, now stock price can go only in upward direction in future. Put stop loss of Rs 75 and expect   suzlon energy stock price target of Rs 110 in 15 days.

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  1. MANGESH says:

    Plz guide me i have 1500 share belong to this company can i hold or sell

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