SBI Magnum Tax Gain Mutual Fund NAV Drop 58% in two year

March 12, 2009

Earlier SBI Magnum Tax gain was performing better. After January 2008 Magnum tax gain is performing its worst. The NAV of Magnum  tax gain G was one time 70 Rs., now it is around 27 Rs.

This is a closed mutual fund scheme, so nobody can take away their invested money in Magnum TaxGain before three year of investment.

Fund Managers performance for this mutual fund is weak. There are many investment strategy by which even in falling share market, clever people can make money from stock market, but the fund manager of SBI MF is doing nothing and takes away 2.5 % of invested money as administration cost.

Mutual fund is not a good way to invest money.

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  1. I purchased in December 2008 as one of my friend misguided me. I have worst experience from this sbi tax gains mutual fund

  2. tapan says:

    SBI Magnum Tax Gain Mutual details

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