Reason Of Fall Down In American Economy

October 17, 2008

American is falling down so sharply. But no body can understand the reason of fall down in American Market. World’s biggest economy system will be collapsed so sharp, no body has thought earlier. But stop, look carefully, American economy is not collapsing .
It is just a full stop of a age. American economy has been reached on top of its heights when computer technology and software technology were making new history daily. Most of American business were based on development of software technology. But there are every end of every starting. The age of computer science and technology has touched the highest peak of its development. There is nothing so much new to do in this field now. The population of America is approx 3 Bl. Here supply has more then its demand. After 9/11 attack America has bring strict rule for comer to America. So the population of consumer has become constant even the production has increased in these years. But after a limit the demand has became lower than its supply.
The same situation has faced by Great Britain after over the Industrial Revolution which has began in Great Britain during the 1700s In the large scale many industries has shut down their company due to supply more then demand. In the result they has searched the other market in foreign for export their product. This act has became result of Imperialism over the world.
After First World War America has faced the fall down due to heavy unemployment in America. All American soldiers who were engaged in world war has became unemployed after over the first world war. That time there was no any new invention has became in which they could be work . Inflation was touching the new high daily. This uneployment and inflation has became the result of second world war.
I think that we are facing same situation such a over a age of new inventions. We can accept that America and other countries will find any new field for great opportunity for job. Without new opportunity we can not hope for recover for down fall in American and World economy market.
This is the some reason for collapsing the American Economy.

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  1. i do agree that economy crises was due to the failure of financial banks but this was not only the reason, in my opinion one of the major reasons is the policy making regaring repaying of loans from the borowers, back up plan was’nt that strong which is why economy crises was started in america nd this crises was turned into global economic crises…

  2. n.phanindhra kumar,k.srinivas says:

    Economic crisis in America is mainly due to the failure of financial banks.American banks have given loans to the borrowers,but they fail to repay the money.

  3. deepak says:

    american economy will regain after elections american economy will get a steady state after a measurable hike in sensex.

  4. Saurabh arora says:

    I thing after 6 month amrican marker any other marker will be good recover becuse after 1 month elaction wii be comleted in amrica

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