OIL (Oil India Limited) IPO Listing Price and Listing Date

September 8, 2009

OIL (Oil India Limited) IPO is open now to subscribe until 10th September. You can get OIL stock easily if you apply at high bid amount of Rs 1050 per share. minimum number of share to apply is 6.

OIL stock is going to be listed on NSE and BSE on 29th September 2009.

The expected Listing price of OIL is Rs 1130. It may go up as time will pass. So do not get hurry in selling the OIL stock just after listing.

There is no downside risk for OIL as its P/E at Rs 1050 is around 10, which is much lower than P/E 15 of ONGC.

In 1-2 month, its price can go upto Rs. 1300

(Invest at your own risk)

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