Inflation has broken all records, reached on 12.63%

August 21, 2008

Indian market is getting bad news every week on inflation report point. There are no any reliefs for Indian in inflation. Govt. of India released the inflation data of week closed on 9th August 2008. In between this week inflation has increased up to 12.63%.
Caution is required in trade of equity in these unwanted conditions. Market would see a more deep. It has been told earlier that FIIs does not like invest in this situation where Inflation breaks records. Increase in inflation shows that Commodities Market have fear of lack of valuable things. They are doing black marketing of these commodities. Government of India has failed to stop them to illegal collection of commodities. Other reason of hike inflation is down mode in American Markets. Government of India should care for poor and common man who is dyeing every day due to inflation.
This inflation has come from the Mall culture in metro cities. In mall you get every thing in 8-9 times more of its exact price. They has not any limit for increase the rates of things. Government should control on malls. Government should not allow the open more malls. The price of things of shopping mall have include all of there cost like building cost, electricity cost, employee cost, etc. The customer has paid higher price. From here inflation starts and does impact to whole country.

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