DLF and HDIL Stock price will Be going up in 2012

January 3, 2012

Currently the the prices of top real estate companies like DLF and HDIL are at rock bottom low.

This is the most suitable time to buy these stocks. The reason to high possibility of increase in price of these real estate companie’s stock are because of very very high demand in real estate properties in India.

These are not the manufacturing companies, where scope of demand can fluctuate with test of consumer and by presence of other competitor.

Real estate business is very serious business, people can not turn away from these companies. So in future there is no scope that the company will be going to shut down because of low demand.

You can get abnormal high return by investing in these real estate companies. If you want to gain much, you have to take the risk .

Currently DLF is trading at around 195 Rs, this price can go upto Rs 300 soon if there will be no big problem will come in future.

Similarly HDIL is currently trading around Rs 56. It may cross Rs 100 price very easily if every thing goes well.

Rest depends upon your luck.

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