Demat Account holder count (number) in India

April 20, 2013

As of now there are only around 1.5 Crore (15 million) (150 Lakh) people in India is having active Demat account out of total population of 120 Crore.

The total number of people in India who have PAN Card is around 6 to 7 Crore.  

This figure shows that very few people (only around 1.25% of Indian Population) directly invest money in stock market.   There is lot of scope of increasing the number in future.

The main trader or investor in Indian stock market is Foreign Institutional Investor (FII) which capture around 40% of market, another 30% of market is captured by Domestic Institutional Investors (dII), only around 30% of investing in Indian stock market is done by Domestic retailers, i.e by around 1.5 Crore people in India who is  having Demat account .

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