Coal India IPO Allotment Status, Listing Price and Listing date

October 22, 2010

If you have applied for Coal India Limited IPO, you have made absolutely profitable decision. Retail subscription of Coal India IPO is over subscribed by 2.3 times.

If you have applied for one lot of Coal India IPO, there will be 50% chance that you will get one lot of Coal India IPO. Those who have applied for 2  or more lot of Coal India IPO at Cut- Price, you will sure get at least half of applied number of stocks. Retail subscriber will also get the stock at 5 % discount. So the actual cost of purchase per Coal India share will be around Rs 233. Most probably, the price of Coal India IPO will be fixed on higher band price @. Rs 245.

The listing date of Coal India IPO is supposed to be 4th November 2010.

The listing price of Coal India IPO is expected to be Rs 280.

The future projection of coal India stock price is expected to touch Rs 320 within 2 days after the listing.

If you want to cancel your IPO application (For retail subscriber), you can cancel it on or before 25th October 2010.

If you want to know the allotment status of your Application for coal India IPO, The Link to see your allotment status will be provided here as soon as it will be available.

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