Bioser- First Site for Tata Housing 1200 low cost one room Kitchen flats Shubh Griha

May 6, 2009

Now people working in Mumbai can get one room kitchen flat at the cost of around 3.9 lakh rupees at slight more distance.

Tata housing is  going to make around  1200 low cost flat at Boiser. If this project will be a success, this project will be extended in other cities also.

This is another cost cutting facility by TATA afte NANO

Boiser is at a distance of around 100 km from Mumbai, It is still not practical for people to make daily trip from Boiser to Mumbai for daily work . There is no local train for Mumbai from Boiser.

As you know the cost of flats is Mumbai are quite high even at remote place, So this scheme is only useful to those people who is having tremendous difficulty is raising money for home  and they can bear some pain in long journey time. Not every one can get the home, there will be lottery to select lucky people who will get these cheap flats.

This type of new project can add lot of income in TATA company. But you should not buy any of tata stocks now, as the projects are only at initial stage.

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